Discover a world of spices

Aromatics spice blends have been created to give you the confidence and ease to experience and experiment with diversity in your cuisine, no matter what your level of cooking. From professional chefs wanting the freshest and best for their customers, to the passionate home cook wanting to delight family and friends, you will achieve your adventurous edge by discovering a world of spices with Aromatics.

Currently there are fourteen blends available in the Aromatics herb and spice range. These consist of a Boxed Range of 12 unique blends, 4 carefully selected and paired ‘Duo Packs’, and 1 Coffee Pouch which contains our delightfully exotic Coffee Spice called ‘Hawayadj’.

All of our original recipes are freshly roasted and infused by hand. Many have been delicately salted with Murray River Salt flakes. All blends are designed to help you appreciate the qualities of each spice. A Combination of flavours that easily transform an ordinary meal into a culinary delight.

Ready to use Spice Blends, easy, quick, and no fuss. Just add, Sprinkle, Season or Coat your food!