About us

About Aromatic Spices

Aromatic Spices was created by Angela Pnini in 2006 and is based on the Mornington Peninsula.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls who give me immense joy and fulfilment. Naturally they keep me extremely busy but my passion and motivation for Aromatics and the spices I use for the blends drives me to continue and grow my business in a true way and bring new and creative tastes to my own family table and my customers who enjoy the pleasure of cooking with spices.

An earlier career in aromatherapy opened my awareness and taught me the power and potential of herbs and spices for health, healing, beauty and general wellbeing.

But my life was to guide me out of Australia and travel abroad where my curiosity and knowledge of the rich culture surrounding herbs and spices grew into an exciting culinary adventure.

Appreciating the personality of the spices and tasting how they can bring food alive is at your fingertips with the Aromatic’s range.

Initially our unique range of spice blends was sold at various local markets and fairs before branching out to wholesale and finally, the internet.


I have known Angela for many years and have seen how her business developed from a passionate idea to what I am sure will be a very successful business. Angela’s positive outlook on life and professionalism has made it an absolute pleasure to have worked with her on developing her visual merchandising images for the launch of her new products.

Over one year we have worked on a professional basis together and I have always been impressed by her creativity and her drive to maintain a positive balance in her life. Aromatic Spices is a must try for anyone who loves food, for those who love cooking it and especially those who find it a challenge.

Candice Molnar